[ba] Re: [V6-12v] NO MO VOVO!!!! :) (Traded for '95 A6q Avant)

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Tue Aug 6 13:11:51 EDT 2002


> 1. Service literature? Bentley (CD?)? alldatadiy.com? What's the way to


> 2. Service reminder reset. How do I do it? Do I need a scan tool and/or
> software? Or, can it be reset by other means?

I'm pretty sure you need the scan tool for that particular model!!

> 3. Timing Belt. Since the history is limited to stamps and hand written
> notes in the maintenance book and all but one (buried/hidden recent one
> a transmission reseal) receipt were no doubt tossed by the dealer I do not
> have record of the timing belt being changed. Given that the maintenance
> fastidious and dealer performed I have reason to believe it was done at
> proper interval (which was what? 60-70k???). I have the name and phone
> number of the previous non-dealer owner (who best I can tell owned it
> new) and plan to call them and ask. Questions are: Is the 2.8 V6 12V an
> interference engine or not? What is the best resource for timing belt
> replacement tips, procedures, etc.? Any special tools required? What all
> should be changed besides the two belts (serpentine and timing) such as
> idlers, seals, water pump, etc.?

Audi says the interval is 90k but it really should be done around 75k.  It
is an interfence engine, Bentley is an okay resource, I think there are
special tools required but if you're experience at this you can generally
get around needing these tools.  Everything should be change while you're in
there but the water pump is about as crucial as the t-belt.

> 4. In the maintenance booklet there is mention of "Water drain in plenum
> chamber; Check and replace if dirty." What is this and were is it???? (I
> know what a plenum is, of course, but this is new to me.)

I'm gussing they are refeering to the evaporator drain.  Which of course is
located on the lower firewall in about the middle of the car.

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fast928 at prodigy.net
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