[ba] Question about Automatic-> 5 speed conversion

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Aug 20 04:20:10 EDT 2002

Shayne writes:
> No comment on the conversion, but I have had both a 4ksq and a 4k.  Although
> I do prefer the mildly modded 4ksq I currently have to a non q 4k, I will
> say that if I did not care about the AWD and had no intent on modding a
> 4ksq, I would choose a 2wd.  THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN!.  Really!  I was shocked
> how much quicker I could drive the 2wd when compared to a non modded 4ksq.
> The only place the 4ksq really had the 4k was in pure lugging power.  E.G.
> up a hill.

Absolutely.  The 4Kq 2.2 only has a 13hp advantage over the
85-87 4Ks 1.8 FWD, but has to carry some 500 pounds of added
weight.  The FWD 4000 is so light and tossable it's simply a
blast to drive around curves, that's why I love my 4000 so much.
Of course, the suspension and wheel/tire upgrades, as well as
a 2.0 engine helped a lot too :-)...

2003 A4 1.8T multitronic (soon)
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