[ba] Wrecked V8 continuum

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 30 03:40:03 EDT 2002

> First off, my condolences for your car's demise Shayne--the whole incident
> really sucks. I'm just glad to hear there were no injuries involved.

Thank you.  We will recover.

> I agree with Steve, if you think you can get good estimates to have the car
> fixed without incurring a Salvage title, you should try. I can see how you
> would come out okay on this anyway, but really you would not be "brought
> back to whole again" if the car had a salvage title stigma that it did not
> have before (from a resale value standpoint--which you may, or may not, care
> about). I'm also curious what the alignment shop had to say.

Actually, I never even said anything to the shop as there were 3 of them
that worked on the car in the same day.
> This brings up a question as well. Every time I get any work done by the
> tire shop I use (Wheel Works FWIW) they make me sign a spot on their work
> order that acknowledges that I understand that my alloy wheels were
> hand-torqued and I acknowledge they *must* be re-checked after 25 miles.
> (Which, of course, I never do--I always figured this was the result of some
> overly paranoid attorney.) So now, with this incident in mind, I raise the
> question. Should we all re-torque our wheels ~25 miles after they are
> removed and re-installed???? It's easy to do after all. If no other
> reasonable explanation for Shayne's car loosing a wheel is discovered, I
> think it may not be a bad idea to start doing so.

Great question.  You should ALWAYS re-torque your wheels.  Matter of fact, I
usually carry my torque wrench with me.  IME, they usually do loosen up for
the first 50 or so miles.  I usually re-torque them 2 or 3 times.



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