[ba] Quattro Adventures..

Johnny . thesonofdeath at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 31 15:10:06 EDT 2002

Well i was taking a cruise in my 86 4kQ and thought ide click it over to the
1 setting on the quat gauge to raump around in some water... wellll at very
low speeds (around 3-7mph) there's a large rumble right below the e-break
that shakes the whole car, and when turning i get a loud crickle crackle
noise that seems like it's coming from the CV joints... Then when i was
going to turn it off it didnt want to turn off at all. I did a few trick's i
know about when it's being stubborn and it just refused to cooperate so...
the last resort i know to unlock the quat when it's being a b**** is to
raump around on it some... well after some 6200rpm shifts and huge
downshifts then a couple doughnut's it unlocked... but then the shift rod
snapped after me being pissed off... Anyways point of the story, im
wundering what the noise and rumble would've been from the center diff/rear
diff? Why sometime's it wont turn off?? Any info appreciated.

-Side note- Still looking for a V8Q being parted out! Anyone spotted any at
pick-n-pull? A-German has none :( (I checked today when i got my new shift
rod assembly).

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