[ba] RE: Ingo Rautenberg in the area on Friday 12/13

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Fri Dec 13 12:32:01 EST 2002

I talked to Ingo yesterday and we're on with the lunch as earlier described.
If all goes according to plan we should be arriving at MCs around 12:15 ...
while the weather here in the south bay isn't much more than sprinkles (wet
enough to roll a Land Rover on a straight stretch of Highway 85 though) I
hear things are pretty bad up in SF ... so there's some chance Ingo won't
make it ... and since I'm counting on him for a ride I won't either!  If
anyone is planning to attend and wants to get in touch with me I'll have my
cell phone on ... 408-781-2484 ...


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 >  I just got off the phone with Ingo Rautenberg, who is en
 >  route to the Bay Area.  There are a few folks here who know
 >  Ingo ... I met him up at Devil's Playground on Pikes Peak
 >  back at AudiFest 1997.  Ingo used to own a V8Q, but now
 >  he's drving a 200Q which he bought from Ben Howell ... I'm
 >  pretty sure its a '91 20V.  Anyway, Ingo's going to meet up
 >  with me at lunch time on Friday ... and given my broken leg
 >  [i.e. I can't drive myself] I'd like to meet somewhere
 >  close to work.  I've found that there is a Marie
 >  Callendar's in Milpitas which actually has pretty good
 >  service but doesn't seem to be that busy at lunch ... I was
 >  thinking about meeting there.   Here's a link with the
 >  location ... it is on the south-east corner of the
 >  intersection of I-880 and Highway 237:
 >  http://www.mariecalendar.com/maps/states/ca/metro/local/milpitas.htm
 >  If you think you'll be there let me know and I'll make sure
 >  we save a seat for you.  I think we'll be shooting for a
 >  bit of a late lunch ... probably meeting there at
 >  12:15-12:30 ... but I'll get the final details out when I
 >  talk to Ingo again ...
 >  Steve Buchholz

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