[ba] lunch anyone? and more

Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Mon Feb 4 14:28:13 EST 2002

I was thinking that that it would be fun to get to together and have
something similar to the TB-athon, but we could all do things to each others
cars...  I could bring my gas pressure washer and orbital waxer and do some
detailing... while others may work on relaying headlights, or changing brake
fluid/ coolant.. and such.. We could all do something that already know how
to do well .. and help each other out with certain projects .. I know about
a year ago someone posted a note to this list saying that Donsco 140 Harbor
Blvd Belmont, CA 94002 (650) 592-1131 was willing to have a timing belt
athon.. or something similar ...  Anyway.. Its just an idea I have been
thinking about for a while..   I cant do electrical stuff for my life, but I
sure can make a car shine like new!!

A few things that would be good to have on hand...
ross tech Vag COM.. ( I have a laptop I could bring..) I wouldn't mind
seeing someone with an LED vag reader either..
brake fluid pressure bleeder
used oil container / catcher
leather cleaner / conditioner..
wax.. and what not..

what do you guys think??

Dan Hamren
1996 A6 (runs like a top.. needs brake fluid change)
1990 V8 (still not running distributor seals leaking oil into distributor)

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