[ba] Hey, whats that on my seat??

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Fri Jan 4 14:07:50 EST 2002

Oh it's MOLD! Jeeezzz!!! I walk out to my 86 4000CS Q To find for the
past 3 storms some jerk before the rain hit tried breaking into the car
through the sunroof, which inturn left it propped downward. The rain's
came, dumped into the passenger side of the car, so now im left with no
carpet, no passenger seat, and no more re-sell value whatso ever.

I was planning on selling the car after i sold my truck to acquire a
porsche 914 w/ chevy V8 conversion but now i said screw it and im
selling the truck for $4500 - $5500 and puring it into the 86. Im going
straight rally with a ported and polished 2.3 block 20 valve. 4 wheel
coilovers, 16" rims w/ 205/40R16's on them. Im trying to make a list of
everything i would like to get done to the car and it's sure adding up.

Im torn between what is necessary for what i want to build. How much to
put into engine work, how much into suspension, how much into wheels,
etc. etc. etc. Any suggestions? And anyone know where i can find high
compression rate 2.3 4k/5kT engines?

86 4kCS Q
WTF - Racing

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