[ba] Now Comments on candidates to replace 19 year old motor

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 12:29:16 EST 2002

the place in davis is 2bennett audimotive [2bennett.com] ]- they charge 8-1=
grand [for 10v or 20v turbomotors, respectively] for  putting turbo motors
in non turbo cars. i believe that covers everything, the motor, a
freshening, and all the labor that goes into it, which looks very
substantial. i poked around a car they were converting last time i was up
there [a while ago] and their work looked outstanding.

i didnt catch what kind of car you have, im assuming a 4000. as far as mods
go, you can buy a whole turbo 5000 for 1500$ in decent shape, which makes
the turbo swap pretty desireable for the budget diy-er. however, it does
look like a LOT of work for the relatively inexperienced. ive done several
motor swaps ['murican musclecars and veedub's] and i would consider the
turbo4000 swap to be a pretty stout challenge. and if you think its getting
done in 40 hours, i think you'd be DREAMING =3D) MAYBE with a lift, air too=
and 2 or 3 swaps already under your belt.

as far as ive seen the battery relocation looks like the easiest part of it=
modifying the inner fender for the airbox looks liek the biggest challenge,
which aint so bad, and theres a tie rod that needs bending. i imagine the
wiring would be the biggest challenge. plus when you have the donor car tha=
far apart, theres almost no end to the amount of work you will want to do.
esp. in the dreaded core support/dash region where lots of things tend to
break and are a royal PITA to get at [blower motors, heater core's, etc
etc]. i would think thatd be the big time sink, all the incidental things
youll want to fix along the way. i know with my 5k, i almost ALWAYS wind up
fixing 8 or 10 things peripheral to the thing i set out to fix =3D) its the
nature of the beast.

but as soon as i get a better place to work, im buyin a 91 CQ and a wrecked
200 20vT to have my way with....  =3D)

good luck,

>I've heard this before (online) and have seen prices for motors sold
>party of $1,500 and then something about a place up in Davis or Sacramento
>where things get into the $8K-10K range (but maybe that's for quatros).
>anyone have any advice/feedback on best year/model to consider that would
>provide the most improvement for the least amount of $$ and downtime?
>Figuring that this would be a user installed job.
>Based on some sites I visited where they seemed to do projects as involved
>I'd guestimate 40 manhours, is that realistic?
>All I know about it is it's "supposed" to be plug N play for the most part=
>with a battery relocation as the only real stinger.
>any and all info is appreciated.
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