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Thu Jan 10 13:10:16 EST 2002

Well aslong as you keep the same number of cylinder's audi engine's are
usually an easy swap. Im going to be swapping the 10v out of my 86
4000CS Q for a 20v from a 1990 coupe quattro and everything bolt's up
correctly. With the battery being placed in the rear that takes max
about 15 minutes, all you need is some heavy duty cable, place the
battery in the rear, MOUNT IT (dont just shove it where the spare tire
goes or on the side of the truck) and run the postitive and negative
cable's to the old positive and negative leads from the stock battery
and connect them.

The biggest problem you might run into would be the exhaust manifold, if
your upping the size of the engine your going to need the exhaust
manifold, intake manifold, and you might also want to look into the size
of your starter and what starter's go onto the engine your swapping into

As for naurally aspirated and turbo setup's, if your looking for alot of
performance the turbo's the way to go. Im going with a Porsche K27 just
because im looking for 500+hp from the engine, but you could go with
something quite smaller and less expensive and get around 285+hp out of

As for a small rule, 1 horsepower usually costs 10 dollars. So if your
looking for 300hp expect to pay around $3000.

86 4kcs Q

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