[ba] RE: Engine swap

Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Thu Jan 10 16:57:02 EST 2002

I had a coupe quattro, and to be honest the power was NOT all that and a bag
of chips... Even with the stebro, tap, k&n, and the solid mohogany sterring
wheel (good for at least 10hp)

I agree  that the turbo  .. even a chipped 10v would be the WAY TO GO!! 220
HP reliable ... and with a light car like a 4k... rocket baby!!

Besides it won't cost much more than the N/A 20v swap... and will have 60
more HP..easy.. OHH and wait i just thought of something more.. IF you want
to upgrade it later.. YOU CAN!! 275 HP with some coaxing...

Now let me ask you ... can you do that with the NA 20V...?... no way..

my two pence

Dan Hamren

> >Im going to be swapping the
> > 10v out of my 86
> > 4000CS Q for a 20v from a 1990 coupe quattro and
> > everything bolt's up
> > correctly.
> <snip>
> > Im going with
> > a Porsche K27 just
> > because im looking for 500+hp from the engine,

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