[ba] Now Comments on candidates to replace 19 year old motor

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 18:47:26 EST 2002


i was referring to a 10v... but im not gonna say for sure bc ive never done
the swap, but the couple pages ive read about swapping 10vt's into 4000's
swaps have all documented needing to use a  bent tie rod for clearance of
something [oil pan?]. for example...

theres one other really well documented 10vt 4000 page out there i couldnt

and yeah, i knew about the urq airbox solution to the airbox problem. if i
recall theres a few different ways to tackle that, i think 2b does somehting
a bit different. point being that it aint plug n play... [okay, unless you
happen to have a urq airbox lying around...] not to mention, as javad did,
the fuel, ignition, wiring issues that need to be tackled.

call me conservative but the last swap i did [2.0l 16v into an ex-deisel
rabbit pickup] someone said "OH IT ALL BOLTS RIGHT IN!" and that proved to
be VERY optimistic.

i wound up putting a picture of him in my garage to throw wrences at...

and let me know if you need a pair of hands on the turbo conversion. id love
to help/see one of these come together.....


>Are you referring to a 20v or a 10v?  I know for a fact that no suspension
>(tie rod) mods are necessary if you are doing a 10v.  As for the airbox,
>what mods are necessary here?  If it is a 10v, why not use a urq airbox?
>mods necessary.  Sit right in there.  If this is a 20v you are talking
>about, I have no idea as I have never been part of a conversion on one.
>But, I soon will...
>Shayne P.
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> >
> > as far as ive seen the battery relocation looks like the easiest part of
> > modifying the inner fender for the airbox looks liek the biggest
> > which aint so bad, and theres a tie rod that needs bending. i imagine
> > wiring would be the biggest challenge. plus when you have the donor car
> > far apart, theres almost no end to the amount of work you will want to
> > esp. in the dreaded core support/dash region where lots of things tend
> > break and are a royal PITA to get at [blower motors, heater core's, etc
> > etc]. i would think thatd be the big time sink, all the incidental
> > youll want to fix along the way. i know with my 5k, i almost ALWAYS wind
> > fixing 8 or 10 things peripheral to the thing i set out to fix =) its
> > nature of the beast.
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