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JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu Jan 10 22:13:05 EST 2002

<< Ive done the conversion once before but with just a 20vT engine (all
 audi). I havent looked into the max flow rate for the K27 but from what
 ive heard it would be the turbo im looking for, for that much hp. Unless
 you suggest otherwise. My "expertise" extends as far as my expieriences
 with audi's. Im 17y.o. and am tired of watching all of the asia-imports
 dominate this area by there mass quantity's.>>

Well, for a point of reference, the 20v Sport Quattro used a K27 and a very
high flow exh. manifold, at 15psi it made about 310hp.  So, to get to 500
using the same turbo, theoretically you might have to push a K27 past 30psi,
which is out of its ability and range, not including the massive intercooler
you'd need to complement a turbo running that much boost.

 <<My previous 20vT i converted along with my uncle who's a mechanic @ a
 porsche dealership in oregon, who is the one that suggested the K(KK)27.
 (What they use in the Porsche GT3).>>

Yes, the GT3 has a K27 on each side, and that ain't a stock K27 anyway.

<< The car was stolen last summer and
 was found at half moon bay half way in the surf with all the windows
 down, and the valve covers taken off, turbo missing, after high tide. So
 it was completely destroyed (Im sure all the sand in everything added a
 massive 50 horsepower but still...), i scrapped it and got $800 from
 insurance that i used to buy my "new" 86 4000CS Quattro which is now
 sitting, clutch slave cylinder has gone out but itll be fixed within the
 coming months.>>

Sorry to hear about that, bummer.

<< You may believe im simply talking about what ive heard but truthfully
 ive grown up on Audi's and Porsche's. A Quattro was my first car and im
 sure a quattro will be my last.>>

Johnny, its not that I don't believe you, however your last post left out a
lot of details that I consider essential to building a 500hp 2.2l motor.  Are
you local in the Bay Area?  I have built an 80q that is currently what I'd
estimate in the 350-400hp range, if you'd like to chat more let me know.


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