[ba] Response to Javad [WAS: Now Comments on candidates to replace 19 year old motor]

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 03:15:03 EST 2002

Wow Javad-

You are on a roll.  I must confess to being wrong.  I am VERY type "a".  I
have a tendency to rush through things and take to many things on my plate.
I stand TOTALLY corrected on the tie rod affair.  I knew about this.  I have
no idea why I said what I did.

As for the air box, regardless of the cost, they do work.  BTW, I have seen
and even purchased urq air boxes for around 100$ (seen several, bought one).

Javad, since I seemed to "fire up" your response, let me respond.  I never
claimed to be or posed as an expert.  I did my first engine rebuild when I
was about 10.  That was a 4 stroke motor.  Not a two stroke.  That was
nearly 20 years ago.  Since then I have done tons of auto work including
rebuilds, mods, conversions and so on, on everything from motorcycles to
Audi's to Chevys.  I am not a mechanical genius like I think some of the
other listers are.  But, I am very capable of doing things even some shops
won't touch.  I bring this up only to give my next statement credit.

Do not accuse people dispensing advice they have no knowledge or things you
say they have never tried.  You have no idea what people have done or have
not done.  I know many people both listers and non listers that are quite
well versed in Audis or other cars.    Just because you don't know them or
what they have done, does not mean someone else from the list does not.  I
have met a huge number of people from various lists, including one or two
from this list (I hope to meet more after I move to Oakland next spring).
The people who know you and what you are capable of has nothing to do with
how credible you are.

Javad, even though you may not be talking about me specifically, you
certainly were fired up by my inaccurate comment.

Your being "burned" by the information from others is ONLY YOUR FAULT.  I
too have been given bad info.  But, I always make an effort to check out
what I don't know.  So what if one gets burned.  Do we not learn from our
mistakes?  I know it is for me.

Your idea of "freedom" on the list is certainly different from mine.  For
me, this "power" you talk of only becomes power after the reader acts on the
info that is read.  The writer is the not the one in power.  You were the
one that got "burned".  You acted on what was written.  You were not forced
by the writer.  So maybe we all should reevaluate how we put to use what we

I do not find your sentences offensive.  But I also do not find your words
deserving of my silence.  May I suggest that you allow those on the list the
freedom to post what they like within list guidelines?  I know there have
been some far out things said.  I don't always agree with them.  But, I
always appreciate their point of view.  I for one have become a better
mechanic because of the various lists.  I am sure the rest of us have.  I
also have been entertained by some things people have said.  I also have
eaten my foot a few times.  The point is, this is a forum of sharing.  Write
or wrong info.  Also remember, there is more then  one way to solve the
airbox and tie rod issue.

Oh, and if you want to know more about what I can and can't do under the
hood, ask me.

Shayne P.

1972 MB 280 SEL 4.5
1984 4ksq
1986 MB 560 SEL
1991 v8q5
1991 200q Sedan
1992 S4

Parting:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5

> This is a general thought, instigated by a few posts I've recently read
> here...
> There is a real issue with mis-information being spread on the internet,
> especially through email lists such as this...
> I take strong offense, and will react strongly, when I hear this kind of
> information on an email list I am a part of.  To say for a fact that a part
> will not need clearancing, when it is common knowledge that it will is
> deplorable.  Just because no one knows you doesn't mean you can pose as an
> expert on the internet, you may cost others who take your foolish advice a lot
> of time and money, for something you have likely never tried.
> I don't mean to come across offensive or otherwise, but I've been burned by
> this kind of information before, and have learned not to take anything for
> granted, but to test and determine first hand.
> Please take the responsibility of the freedom you have in this forum
> seriously, I think that most on these lists do, and it is very easy to abuse
> and take advantage of this "power".
> My $.02...during a Bull Market...
> Javad

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