[ba] Re: was a tie rod... now internet metaphysics.

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 11 12:11:30 EST 2002

i hope i wasnt an offender here. and javad, i couldnt agree more [perhaps
not QUITE as vehemently... =]  but i appreciate the position. i usually try
to mitigate any uninformed claims i make with the disclaimer that i am
generally uninformed and possibly wrong.

i think it can be useful to have lots of "ive heards" and "i remember
readings" as it can point in good directions and uncover information that
would otherwise have not been discovered.

having said that, i think that a user of information, like anything else,
has a responsibility for determining wether or not the information they
recieve is accurate. if i were actually building a 10v turbo car and took
shane's advice, id be a little pissed, but i also have to assume
responsibility for taking one persons information as gospel [sometimes
called the "jedi mindtrick"]. you have to obtain all the information you can
and distill what is most likely the "truth" [epistemological complications

i think the q-lists overall are VERY good at maintianing a low level of
noise [bad information is quickly trounced] , but some misinformation is
bound to creep in and a user of that/this information HAS to assume/expect

and in regard to the internet, fuhgettaboutit. its greatest stregnth is also
its vastset weakness. that there is no "qualifers" if you will, of who and
how information is made available. anybody can say whatever they like with
no "checks" [excet for other users/creators] as there would be with, for
example, the music/film/publishing industries as such. as a fan of
independant creation as well as quality information/entertainment its a 2
edged sword.

the bottom line is that the internet is very much a complex "tool" with no
instruciton manual. "idiotproofing" it would stifle it, and so it's users
have to use it with lots of caution and much intelligence. the sum of the
information that we recieve is well worth the amount of noise we fitler
[remarkably little for the internet - have youever READ the posts on the
"importthugs" website ?!?!?!? - JEEZUS CRISTO!]

its kinda like the superhero suit in that "greatest american superhero" tv
show... =)

sorry, it must be friday...


>This is a general thought, instigated by a few posts I've recently read
>There is a real issue with mis-information being spread on the internet,
>especially through email lists such as this...
>I take strong offense, and will react strongly, when I hear this kind of
>information on an email list I am a part of.  To say for a fact that a part
>will not need clearancing, when it is common knowledge that it will is
>deplorable.  Just because no one knows you doesn't mean you can pose as an
>expert on the internet, you may cost others who take your foolish advice a
>lot of time and money, for something you have likely never tried.
>I don't mean to come across offensive or otherwise, but I've been burned by
>this kind of information before, and have learned not to take anything for
>granted, but to test and determine first hand.
>Please take the responsibility of the freedom you have in this forum
>seriously, I think that most on these lists do, and it is very easy to
>abuse and take advantage of this "power".
>My $.02...during a Bull Market...
> > call me conservative but the last swap i did [2.0l 16v into an ex-deisel
> > rabbit pickup] someone said "OH IT ALL BOLTS RIGHT IN!" and that proved
> > be VERY optimistic.
> >
> > i wound up putting a picture of him in my garage to throw wrences at...
> >
> > and let me know if you need a pair of hands on the turbo conversion. id
> > to help/see one of these come together.....
> >
> > jim
> >
> >
> > >
> > >Are you referring to a 20v or a 10v?  I know for a fact that no
> > >(tie rod) mods are necessary if you are doing a 10v.  As for the
> > >what mods are necessary here?  If it is a 10v, why not use a urq
> > >No
> > >mods necessary.  Sit right in there.  If this is a 20v you are talking
> > >about, I have no idea as I have never been part of a conversion on one.
> > >But, I soon will...
> > >
> > >Shayne P.

> > >
> > > >
> > > > as far as ive seen the battery relocation looks like the easiest
>part of
> > >it.
> > > > modifying the inner fender for the airbox looks liek the biggest
> > >challenge,
> > > > which aint so bad, and theres a tie rod that needs bending. i
> > >the
> > > > wiring would be the biggest challenge. plus when you have the donor
> > >that
> > > > far apart, theres almost no end to the amount of work you will want
> > >do.
> > > > esp. in the dreaded core support/dash region where lots of things
> > >to
> > > > break and are a royal PITA to get at [blower motors, heater core's,
> > > > etc]. i would think thatd be the big time sink, all the incidental
> > >things
> > > > youll want to fix along the way. i know with my 5k, i almost ALWAYS
> > >up
> > > > fixing 8 or 10 things peripheral to the thing i set out to fix =)
> > >the
> > > > nature of the beast.
> > >
> > >

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