[ba] Hey, I can see again (at night) :-)

ServerSmiths totb at serversmiths.com
Mon Jan 21 17:43:03 EST 2002

I just finished a relay-based lighting bypass system as is detailed on a few
sites and the difference was quite nice. Back to new car light output (or
maybe even better than new).

I imagine everyone is aware of this mod but if not chime in and I'll flesh
out a post. Cost me about $45 because I ran separate grounds all the way
back (needed more wire) and maybe 3-4 hours but the output is great.

Good cheapie alternative to the high-end lighting systems. I may go ahead
and get the upgrade Hella (Xenon?) system that I think will be about $80 for
the 4 lamps.

Small side benefit was that I cleaned the connections on the alternator and
the battery ground lug. That and the fact that the current is not being
drawn from the battery bumped the console voltmeter measured voltage up
.5 - .75 volts. So the dash lights look like they're on now (kinda seemed
like I was running on candle power for the last few years).


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