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Devin Avery davery at discimage.com
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Hi, i haven't posted here before (i've posted to the main list a few times),
anyways i thought i would forward my recomendations for Audi/German car
repair in Sacramento.

Never delt wit 2bennet except for buying parts, or sending them parts at my
old job.  Would recoment them to but they are a litte outside of Sacramento.


I would suggest German Motors Co on Folsom Blvd (916)383-9495 I've had my
car their a few times and have been please with the results, I also heard
good things from other people and businesses that have delt with them.
Or there is a place on Broadway called Autosport(i think) I had my car a few
years ago and at that time they had an Audi certified tech.

the hourly rate at both of the shops is in the $60 range.


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I live in the Sacramento area and need a quality
automotive/engine shop alternative for my Audi
dealership. I need a 100,000 mile tune up for my A4
and would like to pay a lower price than the
dealership currently offers.
 If anyone knows of a good shop in Sacramento or the
best way to handle a 100k tune up, please let me know.

Brandon gbvc at yahoo.com
1997 A4

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