[ba] 87 5000 for parts or sale...

jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 16:27:04 EST 2002

hey, crew...

i wanted to pass along the info that theres a very nice, white with grey
comfort leather 5000 cstq for sale/parts in santa cruz.

i forget the stats on it. has a bunch of new parts and 3 silver fuchs that i
was gonna buy. the owner slammed a curb/fence with it. body damage was very
minimal. i went to look at the wheels, and overall the car is in great

his name is scott, his email is reliance209 at aol.com # is 831 588 9461

no interest, just tryin to help a brother out. he's a nice guy, i bought the
yak rack he had on it from him.


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