[ba] Pick and pull head costs/porting costs?

audion audion at serversmiths.com
Tue Jan 29 21:53:48 EST 2002

I'm now thinking that rather than swop out my engine I might just do the "el
cheapo deluxe" head&cam swop that seems to be the most bang for the buck.
I've read somewhere that the main difference between my stock 82 motor and
the later 130 HP version would be in the head and maybe the fuel injection.
Since I'm down some HP to start due to the 19 year old head condition it
seems like I might realize 30 HP or so (from where I am now) which would be
plenty fine.

Since I have no idea what I would have to pay for a used head from a pick
and pull yard, anybody got any guestimates?

Any guestimates on a minor port and polish (as opposed to a full on race
level job)?

Thanks for any info/advice.


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