[ba] relay bypass system for headlights

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Wed Jan 30 01:32:04 EST 2002

on 1/21/02 2:58 PM, Nick Franks at nfranks at tiaranetworks.com wrote:

> I'm interested in hearing more about what you did and how!
> /nf

Since I wrote this up for Nick I thought I'd just go ahead and post it to
the list.

I run a list for a bike I ride (Ducati E900 "Elefant") and guys in areas
with crappy weather were writing in about putting in relay systems on that

Then I came across this site and it got me thinking about a relay bypass for
my Coupe.

I worked from the schematic on this page.


The site seems moribund and the writer seemed to have an axe to grind at the
time about any bulbs that weren't standard. But the relay stuff is good.

These guys offer a ready made harness for $99. For some reason they list it
on other pages for $119 so there might be 2 different ones.


There is a step by step howto on Huw's site. Huw's is possibly the most
useful website I've ever found. Ton 'a work he's done on that site.


I would get the Hella relays with the integral fuses if I was doing it
again. It would simplify things quite a bit.


This site has good info on lighting. Unfortunately much better than the USA
Hella site but then fortunately we have this thing called the Internet that
allows us to get to it. I hope to go to the Xenon lamp/bulb setup when funds
permit. Poke around, they have good background info on relays and the loss
of light output vs. voltage drops.


I had to remove the outer lamps to get the connectors onto the sealed beams
as it was too tight internally. I would recommend that if you have to do
this also then you take that opportunity to center the lamps in their
holders and center the adjustment screws in their runs (and spray some WD-40
on the screws) as you may have had your lights misadjusted and not known it
due to the poor light output. When you get back to 100% output it is very
apparent if your lights are off and having them ready to adjust properly
will save the second trip in to get them centered.

I now have better lighting than I've had for at least the last 12 years.



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