[ba] 86 4kCS Q for sale

Johnny . thesonofdeath at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 3 03:20:04 EDT 2002

White, has some scratches, small dent on right rear door, all bklack
re-painted white on the car (black trim, mirror's) Custom sport grille. Has
audi doorhandle problems. 272 cam, throttle body mod, intake and K&N, all
neededwould be suspension, rims + tires for a good rally/street car. Tranny
could use a good rebuild but car runs fine. 152xxx miles. Interior stripped
down and prepped for cage install. Only driver + passenger seat. No stereo,
A/C removed and all parts that went with it, new clutch slave + master, both
rear outer bearings new, Quattro system works great. New fuel pump + filter.
Recent oil change. No running problems at all except for the occasional
tranny mishap (mis-shifts, things of that nature). Email me for pic's of the
car and any questions you may have @ D_510 at webtv.net . Ive invested well
over 3000 in the past year alone. College bill's are mounting and im
strapped for cash. $1000 obo. Have MANY reciepts dating back to 1992.

will be missed 86 4kCS Q :(

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