[ba] 89 90 hot-start problem. [VERY odd]

j fizz iin10ded at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 9 18:12:46 EDT 2002

hello all!

im wondering if theres easy places to look for this very intermittent +
weird issue with my new/old 90...

twice now my 90 has failed to hot-start after driving on hot days [95ish]
with the ac on. it runs GREAT, the 1st time for 4 or 5 hours, i shut it off,
come back 15-20 minutes later, and i get nothing on turning the key. no
clicks, nada. all lights come on fine, car has plenty of juice.

wait 5 minutes or so and it starts. ????? battery/electrical seems fine, car
never runs hot.

is there some sort of temp related switch that will prevent the car from
starting if its too warm? will starters just NOT engage like that  if theyre
too hot? it doesnt exhibit ANY other symptoms..



ps - anybody have a set of 16/17" wheels they wanna sell for a 90?

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