[ba] 89 90 hot-start problem. [VERY odd]

j fizz iin10ded at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 9 19:51:55 EDT 2002

"too hot to transmit juice"?? is there such a thing? it does make an elegant
sort of sense..

thanx dan. ill poke around with ye ol soldering wand.


>The answer is simple grasshopper....
>the engine compartment is too hot.... the wires leading from the battery to
>the starter, or from the ignition switch to the starter or some where in
>that loop are too hot to transmit then necessary juice to turn over the
>starter... E.G. when its cold it starts up fine, when its hot ....
>I may be wrong, but.. last time I checked wire is cheaper than most
>PS had the same problem on my 82 WV rabbit... no one in California could
>it or even know what the problem was.. when I went off to school at Arizona
>State... the mechanic knew right away and fixed it for $40.00  took him 15
>Dan Hamren

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