[ba] 89 90 hot-start problem. [VERY odd]

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Jul 10 16:50:15 EDT 2002

> ... this is a very common malady on older Audis ... I've lived through it on
> my '78 Fox and the urq ...
> It is likely to be a combination of aging components ... the resistance in
> the switch on the steering column is increased, the resistance in the wires
> from the key to the starter solenoid has increased ... and the starter has
> aged and is more difficult to get to pull in.  Over and above this, your
> ground cable from the engine block to the body of the car may be
> deteriorated.

I agree 100%

> Adding a relay is a pretty simple matter, and it would likely give you a car
> that started more reliably ... but really the underlying problem is that
> your starter is wearing out ...

Saved me a lot of typing, Steve.

two steps -

one, clean all the electrical connections on that high current circuit,
and the starter trigger circuit (you may find a frazzled old wire
hanging out of the spade terminal there)

two, if you still get the problem, replace the starter.

Huw Powell



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