[ba] Fuel pump?

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 4 04:20:03 EDT 2002

Since when has the FP had a built in rev limiter??  Is there such a thing as
a high flow Audi fuel pump??  I have never heard of it.  My advice Johnny is
to run over to the u pull it yard of your choice and get one used for
$30.00.  BTW, I would make sure it is the FP before I replace it.  Check the
relay.  $15 or less for one of them.

Shayne P.

Currently, Spokane, WA.  June, Oakland, CA.

Enough Audis to give plenty of headaches.

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> Well it happened, the fuel pump on the 4000CS Quattro finally went out. Now
> before i rush off to buy another fuel pump w/ a 6400rpm rev limiter i
> thought ide ask if there's anything cheaper then $250.00 that will remove
> the 6400rev limit or have an overall better flow?
> i might be going used also seeing on how my job situation has killed off my
> bank account and my wallet is looking mighty empty lately.
> -Johnny
> 86 4kcs Q

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