[ba] Fuel Pump Part II

Brian Devlin bdevlin at stanford.edu
Tue Jun 4 16:11:16 EDT 2002

You can diagnose the relay vs pump problem by bypassing the relay.
Just stick a sturdy paper clip into the two big slots under the fuel
pump relay.
Next question- when you do get it started, does it ever cut out on
you? If not then I'd say the pump is OK.
Could this be a check valve problem?

>Well this is the symptoms that im getting. When i first turn over it'll want
>to start then die. Then when i try to start again it sits there turning over
>and not starting. Also when i used to click over to accesories i could hear
>the fuel pump start (like a small hum) now it doesnt do that at all.
>Current Fix: If i crawl under the passenger door where the fuel pump is and
>beat on it for a little bit it'll start up.
>Does that sound like the pump or relay?
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