[ba] parting out 5000 cs tq

j fizz iin10ded at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 4 17:10:26 EDT 2002

whats up all?

so i finally decided to part out the 5k. i bought a gti, and am out of the
audi game until i have enuff funding to come back STRONG.

in the meantime i have this 3500lb pearl paperweight thats just itchin to
get stripped. the car is QLCC chipped/sprung [6mos ago?], has the v8/200
rear brakes new rotors and rear pbr pads still in the box], drilled
zimmerman rotors and pbr pads w ss lines [2bennett, maybe 9 mos old? all in
very good shape]. it also has h+r's with bilstein sports int eh front and
koni reds in the back. the suspension got stuck in a year ago by wolfsport.
it ROCKS. the car also has all new cv joints and some axles [have to heck to
see which were replaced] and it had a 1500$ clutch job by german motorsports
in fremont also about a year ago.

i have a TON of random new/newish parts for it from headlight multi switches
to starter / alternator / afterrun pump / etc etc etc

car has silver 15x6 bbs's adn black leather interior with sports. driver
seat has usual bolster wear [pad is deformed, leather is good] and a ripped
seam. i also have a spare head and turbo.

i have a full list of parts, i also have 3 boxes of random audi switches,
interior pieces, dash parts, trim,  etc etc etc i need to get rid of. email
me if interested and i can send the list. all the mechanicals on the car i
have receipts for. i can pull andthing youre interested in for pick up or
ship. i really dont want to get into pulling major mechanicals, but if
someone were interested they could come grab stuff for a few bux. its a
shame to let these springs + shox got to G.A.S.

thanx all,

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