[ba] mac 11 mystery wires?

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None of the below  ;)  Basically, upon cold start, the ECU will run the
regular fuel map until water temps reach about 149F, then it will switch to
the premium map automatically.  In the even of any detonation, after a
determined amount, the ecu will switch to the regular fuel map until it
determines that detonation is no longer a problem and it is safe to advance
timing again.  So, its based on either detonation or water temp.
Unfortunately, there's no real way to manipulate it aside from going inside.


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> Near the end of http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/hpgraph.html#s2,
> SJMautotechnik says "The Hitachi "MAC-11" Engine Control Unit used
> with the "MC" engine has two timing maps, one for Premium and one for
> Regular fuel."
> Is this choice made by the various ground wires that may-or-may-not
> be present at the ECU, or the knock sensor, or gas sniffing elves in
> the fuel distributor or what?
> Send this along to the main list if you like, I'm only on the Bay
> Area and Torsen lists.
> -Brian
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