[ba] Turbo conversion taking place...

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu Jun 13 18:03:51 EDT 2002

It is an interesting topic ... there are some who are in each camp,
depending upon their goals ...

The MC1 has a lower static compression than the MC2 ... this means that the
MC2 is likely to give better off the line performance than the MC1 ... but
then the higher compression means that you may be more limited on your max
boost pressure, which means that the MC1 may have a higher max HP potential.

The MC2 engine comes stock with a K24 turbo ... this turbo is smaller than
the K26, so it spools up faster ... once again pointing toward an engine
that is going to be coming on boost quicker ... but the K24 is going to be
working harder to give high boost, meaning that it may be less efficient ...
here again indicating that it may not be the best if your goal is getting
the highest power possible.

The dual knock sensing MAC-14 is more sophisticated than the single KS
MAC-11, but there aren't as many sources for chips for the MAC-14.  The
MAC-11 is very well documented, and you could even create your own custom
mapped chip for the MC1.

Those are the main issues that come up for me as I consider the difference.
Based on this information, if I was looking for a motor to simply drop in
and use without doing a lot of work and yet giving the best improvement the
MC2 is the choice.  If I was embarking on a project where I wanted to tweak
the motor to its peak potential I might well choose an MC1.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Well i found an affordable place to buy MC1 or MC2 turbo
> engine setup's for
> my 4000 Quat. The only problem is im kind of in a bind here.
> Now i know
> there is a difference (knock sensor's, down pipe) between the
> MC1 and the
> MC2, but what im wondering is this. They want 500 for the
> total turbo engine
> conversion (everything needed to do it myself) for the MC1,
> or 850 for the
> MC2. Plus 190 shipping & handling... Is it really worth $250
> more for the
> MC2? Because ill be changing the downpipe, turbo, and doing an ECU mod
> pretty much right off the bat.

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