[ba] South Bay Windshield shop?

Leonard Wong lawong at wongman.com
Thu Jun 20 23:21:14 EDT 2002

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Just had my windshield replaced by All Star Glass from Hayward, on
recommendation from my insurer. They called me ~5 mins after the claim
was filed to confirm my interest in their services, called me back ~10
mins later from the Hayward location (corporate is in San Diego), asked
me what kind of glass I'd like, asked me what color the tint bar was at
the top, confirmed availability over the phone, and set the appointment
up for today.
The installer showed up 2hrs -early- (1pm, appt. was for 3pm), finished
in an hour and fifteen, and did perfect work. He invited me to inspect
his work before signing/paying the deductible, which I took him up on,
and found no flaws. The weatherstrips were set perfectly and glued into
place, and all trim pieces were mounted as if they hadn't been
disassembled. I paid my deductible by check, and away he went. They also

include a lifetime labor warranty, so if there's any seal issues or
leaks all is covered.

-shrugs- . Totally painless and good work. I don't think I could really
ask for more.


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Subject: [ba] South Bay Windshield shop?

The S4 took a stone and the crack is spreading
fast.  Anyone have good experience with a shop in
the south bay?

Matt Rooke
'91cq- modified, still slow
'00S4- stock, very fast

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