[ba] Timing-Belt-A-Thon

Brian Devlin bdevlin at stanford.edu
Thu Jun 27 18:02:35 EDT 2002

I need to swap a belt (and some lifters) so I'd be into this. I have
a something that resembles tool 2084 also, but it might not fit a 4k
with an intact front end. I might be able to come up with a couple
parking spaces, if we can bribe my neighbor (that is, bring some
beer). 4th of July weekend is out for me.

>Heck, I don't need to do one for myself, but I'd be more than happy to show=
>  up and assist, I've got tools, and have done dozens, I'd be up for support=
>ing those who will need to.
>>I am one of the folks who has a set of the requisite tools for the I-5 (as
>>Mike knows ... :) and can most certainly make them available. =A0I also ha=
>>an idea for a place we might be able to meet to do this ... but let me
>>contact him personally before announcing it. =A0Of course if any of you ha=
>>any other meeting thoughts ... post them up.
>>I don't have any I-5s that need a belt, but I really need to get the belt
>>replaced on the burgundy V8 ... does anyone have the tools for that?
>>Steve Buchholz
>>San Jose, CA (USA)
>>>  << how about out in california? =A0do we have enough people to
>>>  do one? =A0my car
>>>  is due for one soon. =A0i'm in the SF bay area. >>
>>>  That would be great, and I'm sure we have enough people out
>>>  here. But, in
>>>  the land of 3-car garages being part of million dollar+ homes
>>>  does anyone in
>>>  CA on these lists have the space? I was thinking it would be
>>>  great to do
>>>  something like this here, but as I started reading about "10
>>>  acres" and
>>>  enough room for 4-6 cars I realized maybe things like this
>>>  likely can't
>>>  happen here as easily--space is an issue. Anyone in in the
>>>  Bay Area want to
>>>  host such an event? I need to do the T-Belt soon on the 4kq,
>>>  and now the
>>>  (new but apparently damaged by running out of coolant) water
>>>  pump in the
>>>  5ktq as well. I know of a at least a couple people in the SF
>>>  Bay Area who
>>>  have crank lock tools.
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