[ba] how about a bay area gathering?

Harrison Blackwood audifanatic at killjoy.net
Wed Mar 6 21:30:03 EST 2002

on 03/05/2002 2:22 PM, jim rose wrote:

I'm up for almost anything. I'm free most Fridays and Saturdays. My Audi is
in the shop for some annoying problems (electrical issues). So, I'll be
Audiless for a week.
I'm getting tired of driving a borrowed Saturn when the weather is bad.

Anything for this weekend, I'll be around. I'm off Fri-Sun.

> whats up, ya bunch o kooks? i was thinkin it might be time for a little
> gathering of our sordid membership. lunch somewhere next week? kartin on
> sunday? im up for just about anything. im way overdue for a
> car-talk/audi-b!tch sesion =)
> id say lets do a drive if my car wasnt a. runnng like crap and b. recently
> "customized" on the right rear door by a schmuck in an accord [powered by
> honda racing type R accord with chrome 'teens, no less].
> anyway, if anyones up for it, let me know...

Harrison Blackwood
Los Gatos, CA
'90 Audi CQ
'81 BMW R100RS
'60 Triumph TR3A

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