[ba] lunch friday

Shayne thequattroking at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 20 04:52:06 EST 2002

Missed me by one week.  I was in the BA last week.  Bummer.  Oh well, come
June I am there for 5-7 years.  A SENTENCE for a NW boy.

Where am I going to park all my cars?  Shucks, guess the motorcycle and
truck (hey, I am a redneck after all) stay in WA.  No jet ski either.
Bummer, guess that leaves me with the MBZ, V8 & 4ksq (maybe not such a
redneck) to put in a 2 car garage (the 4ksq is not that big).

Shayne P.

Enough Audis to give plenty of headaches.

Parting:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5

> From: JShadzi at aol.com
> Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 23:32:40 EST
> To: tomask at earthlink.net, ba-group at audifans.com
> Cc: ChrisWeb at aol.com
> Subject: Re: [ba] lunch friday
> Well, so far its me, Marc Thomas, Jim Rose, Harrison Blackwood, and hopefully
> a lot more too.
> Javad
> << so who is all going??
> I might make the trip out there but I would be driving from Concord....
> Whats new Steve??
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