[ba] ITS A COWBOY!!!

Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Sun Mar 24 20:27:25 EST 2002

To all my friends and family Patty and I would like to announce the birth of
our third child Daniel Matthew Hamren Jr.  He was born at Stanford Hospital
on Wed March 20th at 4:26 P.M.  He wieghed 7 Lbs. 4 oz. at the time of birth
( he would have wieghed more but he pooped and peeped before we got him on
the scale)..  Length is "reportedly" 21 inches but since we are talking
about my memory that may change...  Both Danny Jr. and Patty are doing
well.. the baby was delivered normally and he came out very fast.  We are
looking forward to getting Patty home and letting her rest as she is super
tired ( hospitals are not as quiet as you would think).. To view pictures
you can click on the link below and folow directions from there..  Thank you
all for your support and love..

The Hamren Family
Dan, Patty, Hunter, Sydney and Danny Jr.


Click on the top link (Daniel Matthew Hamren Jr.) to see the pictures

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