Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu Mar 28 15:10:28 EST 2002

... so, it sounds like my off the wall suggestion may be taking shape ...

So, should we plan on Saturday, 4/20?  I seem to be *real* bad at predicting
holidays and other competing events ... is anyone else aware of anything
else going on that weekend?

I suspect there not be a lot of traffic up the "back side" of Hamilton ...
but coming up from San Jose I think the earlier the better for minimizing
the traffic.  I was talking about "lunch" ... but do we want to do it a bit
early ... like 10 or 11AM?  My thoughts on coming up from San Jose is
actually to start by going up Metcalf Road to San Felipe (which takes me
back by my house!) and then Quimby up to Mt Hamilton Road.  To be honest I
probably would prefer this route on my bike ... but I think it can still be
fun in a "cage" ... ;-)

BTW, there's nothing stopping us from doing more than one thing at a time is
there?  I'd be up for a trip to SpeedRing too ...


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> count me and my trusty steed "brokendoor" in...
> >Ya, sounds fun, I'm down.
> >
> >Javad
> >
> ><< ... this weekend will not work for me ... AAMOF, I'd like
> to shoot for
> >  something after 4/15 ... 4/20???
> >
> >  Hey, if we want to guarantee a fun drive for all why don't
> we meet at the
> >  Lick Observatory!  :-)  I can put together a really fun
> route from the
> >south
> >  bay to the top ... and those in the tri-valley area can
> take Mines Road
> >...
> >
> >  ... no restaurant, so it is brown bag ... and no PnP ... ;-)
> >
> >  Steve >>
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