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Sat May 4 19:10:05 EDT 2002

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Brian, if the car is running fine, I'd say look at the cat, I had the worst
time with my 4kq, and it turned out to be that the cat was just not working,
despite having a perfect looking core.  Swapping in a new $125 cat solved the
problem perfectly.

Not saying that it IS the cat, but very good chance, esp. if you have the
original cat on there.


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bdevlin at stanford.edu writes:

> My non-Audi just failed a smog test due to some kind of intermittant
> problem. It runs just fine whether it's making 0.04% or 4% CO, so
> I'll need a CO meter to diagnose this. Anybody known of a place to
> buy one locally? Will it cost an arm AND a leg? Or just a few fingers?
> -Brian
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