[ba] Re: UDO sighting: you all are gonna think im NUTS, but....

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri May 10 14:30:12 EDT 2002

At 4:41 PM +0000 5/10/02, jim r wrote:
>[unidentified DRIVING object]
>yesterday evening [5pm, still good daylight], in san francisco, headed down
>geary, i notice a tan v8 coming up the hill toward me.
>as it passes me, something odd catches my eye - i glance in the rearview and
>notice its a WAGON?!?!?!?!?
>it had a wagon back, very squared off, not like the 44 wagons - more like
>the goofy tresser [if i remember] or audi one-odd v8 wagons they built for
>diplomats or something.

There were never V8 wagons, only a V8 "lang"(Limo.)

>the car was a mess, very dirty and kinda beat-up.

Yep.  In the pictures I've seen, it looks like the owner lives out of it.

>a custom-fabbed wagon back on a v8

That's exactly what it is.

>weird. anyone know what that is? lister? or am i just nuts? [most likely]

This car gets spotted all the time...it is a V8q with the back end of
a Ford Tarus wagon.  They probably did it because it was dirt cheap
to buy the Tarus shell.

Absolutely insane.  I -pray- it isn't a manual; hacking a car like
that, in that way, should be a crime.

Most folks just buy a 200q20v avant.  Miss the V8 punch?  Not after a
chip, you won't.  Still not happy, despite the fact that the car is
lighter and has more HP/Torque with the chip?  Fine, get the RS2

Anyway, someone on the list probably remembers where the pictures are
of the monster, a lister once saw it and had a camera handy.

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