[ba] Re: UDO sighting: you all are gonna think im NUTS, but....

jim r iin10ded at hotmail.com
Fri May 10 19:40:58 EDT 2002

okay, the only thing funnier than the "v8/taurus monster" is the fact of how
many of you LOONATICS know EXACTLY what car it is. =) thats great!

as luck would have it, i did not see the one-off limo built for the audi
head guy [bummer] but someone synthesis of a v8 and a taurus wagon. and i
would swear that no less than 15 people knew about both cars. just when you
think  its a big world =)

i really expected to get a whole bunch of "yeah, SURE you saw a v8 wagon"
eye-rolling emails. funny.. i wonder who built it?


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