[ba] 200Q steering rack, ugh!

Dave Haupt quattrodave at yahoo.com
Sun May 12 17:40:17 EDT 2002

I've had Pentosin leaking for a while and have just
been topping it up.  I found a small leak at the PS
pump, not enough to explain how much Pentosin I was

A more careful study showed a pool of Pentosin atop
the transmission.  Aha, we're getting somewhere.  Sure
looks like the high pressure hose is spewing, which is
why the entire underside of the rack is wet and
dripping on the trans.  So I ordered a high pressure

Today, I set about to install this new hose.  As I
move parts out of the way to begin the job, I see a
*major* problem.

The driver's side boot on the rack is torn in two.
It also appears that the boot was already leaking.
The fact that there is Pentosin in the area at all
suggests leaky rack piston seals, anyway.

So, unless I'm way off base, I need a new rack.

In reading archives on Audifans, and Chris Miller's
website, I have drawn the conclusion that this job is
NOT for me to do.

Looking for BTDT - anybody had a rack replaced in the
Bay Area of late?  Who did it and how much?

A rebuilt rack can be had for $250.  Looks like it
should be 4-5 hours for a mechanic.  Hoping to find a
mechanic who won't markup parts too much and doesn't
add too many hours to the "right" time.

The "local" Audi mechanic charges Audi retail for all
parts, so in this case, he plans to charge me $720 for
the rack, even though he will be buying the $250 rack
from Blaufergnugen.  That's why I refuse to have him
do any work for me.


1989 200Q 10V sedan, 148k miles, seriously incontinent
Santa Rosa, CA

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