[ba] 200Q steering rack, ugh!

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Sun May 12 19:10:05 EDT 2002

... no BTDT on repair sources, but I have replaced the rack on my '88 5k
CSTQ.  It really isn't *that* bad ... even though it sounds major.  The rack
comes out through the steering linkage hole in the right front wheel well.
Disconnect the steering column from inside the car and the mounting bolts,
hydraulic lines and steering linkage under the hood.  You pull the right
front wheel and pop the tie rod from the strut (literally ... be careful not
to hurt yourself!).  I remember that it took a bit to determine how to
rotate the rack while it is coming out in order to clear everything ... but
it really was not that bad at all.  The only thing you need to be careful
for is to know exactly which port on the rack is the pressure side and which
is the return.  Both fittings have the same thread and it is possible to
hook them up backwards ... which gives catastrophic results ...

Good luck!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> I've had Pentosin leaking for a while and have just
> been topping it up.  I found a small leak at the PS
> pump, not enough to explain how much Pentosin I was
> losing.
> A more careful study showed a pool of Pentosin atop
> the transmission.  Aha, we're getting somewhere.  Sure
> looks like the high pressure hose is spewing, which is
> why the entire underside of the rack is wet and
> dripping on the trans.  So I ordered a high pressure
> hose.
> Today, I set about to install this new hose.  As I
> move parts out of the way to begin the job, I see a
> *major* problem.
> The driver's side boot on the rack is torn in two.
> It also appears that the boot was already leaking.
> The fact that there is Pentosin in the area at all
> suggests leaky rack piston seals, anyway.
> So, unless I'm way off base, I need a new rack.
> In reading archives on Audifans, and Chris Miller's
> website, I have drawn the conclusion that this job is
> NOT for me to do.
> Looking for BTDT - anybody had a rack replaced in the
> Bay Area of late?  Who did it and how much?
> A rebuilt rack can be had for $250.  Looks like it
> should be 4-5 hours for a mechanic.  Hoping to find a
> mechanic who won't markup parts too much and doesn't
> add too many hours to the "right" time.
> The "local" Audi mechanic charges Audi retail for all
> parts, so in this case, he plans to charge me $720 for
> the rack, even though he will be buying the $250 rack
> from Blaufergnugen.  That's why I refuse to have him
> do any work for me.

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