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JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Mon May 13 23:20:48 EDT 2002

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Steve, I say you change it to only let through posts with the proper email
addy, seems like a lot of work for you to take on for a little convenience on
our ends.

Good to see you too today, we've got to continue doing these lunches  =)


In a message dated 5/13/2002 2:24:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com writes:
> ... sorry about this message getting through ... it so happens on the other
> lists I'm adminning (other than the torsen list) I've gone to subscriber
> only posting privileges because of all the spam and other crap.  I wish we
> could leave the lists open, but it really seems like there is a war going
> on!  What would happen if I made the change is that if you posted from an
> address which was not subbed the server would hold the message for me to
> disposition.  It can sometimes be a day or two before I get a chance to go
> through the messages, so worst case your post might get held up for that
> long.
> If any of you have any strong desire or good reason why I shouldn't switch
> the BA list to that mode let me know ... otherwise I think I'll do the
> switch later this week ...
> Steve Buchholz
> Audifans ba-group admin
> BTW, I just got back from lunch with a small handful of audifans ... it was
> great to get a chance to see all of you!

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