[ba] HELP!! need a good mechanic reccomendation in SF

jim r iin10ded at hotmail.com
Tue May 14 02:30:21 EDT 2002

hey all.. so the head gasket finally decided to give up the ghost yesterday
on the way home from work. BUMMER. its sitting at a gas station now - thye
owner was nice enuff to let me hang it there overnight, but i gotta have it
towed somewhere tomorrow. anyone know a good eurocar shop IN sf? i really
dont want to spend any more than i have to on a tow.

even so, it aleready needed to have the strut bearings replaced and the
mounts drilled to correct camber [have an appointment next week at 2bennett]
plus it needs brake work [ rear caliper+cables] and a radiator and hoses..
turbo seals are probably bad [uses oil] the shifter could use a rebuild.. cc
systemm is spotty, on and on and on.

im not sure what im gonna do, the 5000 may become a parts car in the next
couple of days... sux to give it up for a head gasket, but i think its over
my head.

any moral support? advice? eulogies?


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