[ba] HELP!! need a good mechanic reccomendation in SF

jim r iin10ded at hotmail.com
Tue May 14 17:13:02 EDT 2002

good call dan.. i think youre right. itll cost me 3 grand by the time im
done with suspension, turbo, head, radiator + cooling system etce tcetc . it
needs a lot. not worth it. as much as it sucks.. i think im gonna pull parts
and chuck it. bummer. it was a good car.

i let you all know if/when i get around to pulling parts - the ecu, brakes
[rears are the vented ones, 1 caliper's sticky] + s.s. lines, drilled front
rotors, and other random parts. it has a very recent starter, alternator,
afterrun pump, k+n, vdo boost gauge, and a gazillion other things. i also
have really nice loooking tinted black taillights ["faux" tresser =] if
anyones into them. oh, and i JUST put a new trunk lock in it a week ago [90
BUCKS!] also have some new breather hoses, rubber valve cover "tee" , and
some assorted miscellany.

and as far as another audi.. i dont know. after this one im a little soured.
i was pokin around at used a4 wagons/sedans.. but who wants to spend 5-700$
a month [with insurance] to look like EVERYONE IN SAN FRANCISCO?!?!? [no
offense, i love the a4] but it is, ah.. POPULAR.

might be time for an impreza. as much as i HATE to buy a japanese car. maybe
ill keep my sights out for an older a6q or 90q. id LOVE to get a 95 s6, but
again with the maintenance fears.. theyre tough to find at dealers and i
have no $$ for a downpayment. ugh.

anybody got a cq 20v theyre not really using?


>From: "Dan Hamren" <dan at magnitude-electronics.com>

>I hate to say it Jim but maybe its time to start over.. for just a few more
>grand you can probably get into a newer car with not so many miles... fewer
>door dings.. a few less costly repairs to do...
>I know she has been good to you, but like the 9ers in the 80's you have to
>know when to let them go....  the auctions are a good place to start..and
>any good audi guy can tell what is wrong with these things...but the car
>what ?? over 200k on it now??  maybe you can get a nice V8 or 200 20V
>turbo.. they are hella cheap these days...  Lets face it the 5k doesn't owe
>you much.. and if it does you can part it out to make up for it...I say
>start fresh (er) start a new (er) ... take a picture of her and move on...
>Good Luck!
>Dan Hamren Redwood City CA
>1990 Audi V8 Quattro Pearl  (His)
>1996 Audi A6 Avant Q Pearl (Hers)
>1988 Range Rover 3.5l ARB Billstein
>"If everything seems under control.
>Your just not going fast enough"
>Mario Andretti

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