[ba] wait... i thought i had a 5 speed?

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Tue May 14 18:53:04 EDT 2002

--- "Johnny ." <thesonofdeath at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Well after the lunch get togather of course i was
> going to be late for class
> so i was going to play some ricky racer to get there
> as soon as possible.
> Hmm... 1st gearrrrrrrrr 22nnndddd gggeeeaarrrrr
> 33333rrrrrrrddddd
> gggeeaarrrrrr 44.... wait.... why dont i have a
> fourth gear... It's not a
> grind its more like a low rumble and tries to reject
> it from going into gear
> but will finally click in after some pressure on the
> shift knob.

Doesn't sound like a clutch.  Get out your lucky charm
bracelets and beads, and hope it is just a failed
bushing or joint in the shifter linkage.  Hope against
hope it is not something inside the transmission.
I lost reverse and 5th (5spd with reverse up and to
right above 5th) with similar symptoms and it turned
out to only be the linkage.  Probably should have gone
straight out and bought a lottery ticket.

Matt Rooke
'91cq- modified, still slow
'00S4- stock, very fast

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