[ba] South Bay body shop recommendation

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu May 23 03:20:04 EDT 2002

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I totally second, if a body shop does amazing work on 100k $ Porsches, that's
good enough for my Audi.  A friend took his then almost new A4 there a few
years ago, when he got it back, there were a few questionable spots (very
minor, unnoticeable to the usual observer) and he just mentioned it to them.
Their reply was to redo the whole job, amazing service.


In a message dated 5/22/2002 10:58:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time, ti at amb.org

> Anderson-Behel Body Shop in Santa Clara.  Excellent paint color matching,
> great body work.

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