[ba] help! need a little salvage title advice, if anyone knows..

ServerSmiths totb at serversmiths.com
Fri May 31 02:41:49 EDT 2002

on 5/28/02 1:57 PM, j fizz at iin10ded at hotmail.com wrote:

> so i dont understand how this thing works, if they will reimburse me for the
> loss, or have i just fallen into yet another institutional, systematic
> penalty on the poor?

You can usually buy the car from them. But if they didn't insure it for the
damage, why do they have anything to do with it now at all?

On motorcycles they will total out a bike for say $7,000 (pay you the $7K
and then they own the bike) instead of fix it for $9,000 (and you keep the
bike). Then you can buy it from them for $5,000 and monkey with it yourself.
They're out $2,000 which you have to screw with. On mainly cosmetic damage
(you know, a new tank for like, $1,400) this is done quite a bit. I've seen
a set of slight scrapes from a 10 mile slip in a corner tally out at $4,000
and the bike was perfect otherwise.

Something similar should be available for a car but I still don't see why
they would have any claim to the car if they don't have to pay you for the


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