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Wallace White wallace at stanfordalumni.org
Thu Nov 7 11:11:57 EST 2002

Mr. Metric is still around and does have an excellent selection. They
were the only place I could find an M1.2 tap (for work).

The other local fastener source I've used is Olander, in Cupertino or

Whenever possible, though, I just order from McMaster-Carr. Call before
6:00 pm and you'll still get it the next day, with no minimum orders and
very cheap shipping. Their catalog, which is now on the web
(www.mcmaster.com), is extensive and a great primer on a thousand topics.

- Wallace
   '87 5kcstq 192k
   Menlo Park

Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> ... I haven't been there for a long time, so things may have changed ... but
> there was a place called "Mr. Metric" near where 101 and 880 meet ... they
> had an incredible supply of metric fasteners.  I think that now there are a
> bunch of similar operations which are on the WWW ...
> HTH!
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
>  >
>  >  I've been trying to get a few metric bolts for a
>  >  motorcycle from the dealership, and it looks like they
>  >  will never show up. Can anybody on this list recommend
>  >  a hardware store with a really good selection? OSH
>  >  comes close but not quite. I'm looking for M6x90
>  >  flange head bolts. I'll drive anywhere in the bay area
>  >  if it will help get this damn bike out of my garage!
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