[ba] A8 trade in question

Johnny . thesonofdeath at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 12 03:20:14 EST 2002

First off gotta say sorry to steve. Wow that must really suck! I have a
evlar rod holding my lower back togather and its horrid. Only things i can
suggest is keep the area warm or else the rod itself can get cold and youll
really feel it. Not fun...

Now the car question, I recently purchased a 1997 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 only
for the mere fact i got it for dirt cheap. (10,400). Now ive been keeping
tabs on audi prices for awhile, watching what keeps value and what not
because my dream car (a 97-03 A8 4.2Q or S8). Now it's always been a dream
to me but i checked up on some prices and how much they're selling for and i
have a few questions. I found a few 97's and 98's under 16,000 and im
wondering what causes such a greta car to drop in value from 80+ housand to
under 20??? Now i know im one of a kind in that im one of the only teenagers
i know that wants a larger german luxury sedan. Im feeling that at some
point within the next year ill trade in the camaro for an A8 if i can find
one around 16-18 in my area. The one's i saw 2 were here in central cali,
the others were in places like ohio and what not.

Another question i have are what are the main diffrences between the S8 and
the A8 engine wise. What give's it that extra uumf?

Ahh to be inlove again :)

RIP 86 4kCS Q (For Sale! 500 bux. Needs new tranny (which i can find one for
you for dirt cheap, just no time, no motivation, and frankly no work space.)
Email for details.

97 Z28 (The american car.... bahhh humbug...)

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