[ba] Lunch, with a side of chips

Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
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I think the -20 should be fine.  It’s a little faster and generally
speaking (from my 6+ years of selling integrated circuits) most times my
customers can use an upgraded speed.  Just make sure it is a ceramic
chip and not a plastic chip.  When I did the Qlcc mod on my 87 avant I
took an old 84 date code D 2764 A-4 out of our own stock.  Worked fine

I would go ahead and try the one you have out.  If you get desperate I
can get you one out of our stock, but I really don't see any problems
with using the faster speed.

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Brian here, you may remember me from a lunch or two.
I've just put in a 1.8 bar spring and acquired an
EPROM for QLCC mods. It's a 2764A-20 (200ns), I hope
that'll work because I had "D2764-4" written down, and
Jameco doesn't have "-4"s. I also have access to an
eprom programmer, but  they only way I can get the
code into it, at the moment, is by copying from
another chip. Is there anybody who can bring a chip
with QLCC on it to lunch, or elsewhere?
-86 5ktq

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