[ba] Lunch, with a side of chips

Dan Hamren dan at magnitude-electronics.com
Fri Oct 25 17:40:34 EDT 2002

>>> That's what I was hoping. Ceramic means it has the
>>> window right? This one does.

No ceramic means what it is made of.. you can tell because the chip has
a chalkboard kind of texture to it. Plus it feels heavy for such a small
thing.  Plastic would be more smooth/ lighter.  If the part you bought
has a D prefix then it is a ceramic DIP (dual inline package) The
ceramic chips can withstand a wider temperature range.

  The window is to expose the die to ultraviolet light when you need to
erase the code on the eprom (electrically programmable read only
So you need to put a sticker over the window before you input the code.

( not just any sticker either... they make special ones for the window
that will not allow any light in and will stick to the chip like glue)

Dan Hamren
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