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Wed Sep 11 02:50:17 EDT 2002

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 No im currently driving my uncle's 90 audi V8 Q... why would i try putting=
 a v8 into my 4k? As for smog... i have that all covered... i can smog a hu=
ffy mountain bike if need be hahaha ... Anyways i was looking for more a 4.=
2 out of the 92-94 audi V8 not one of the newer one's... i doubt i could af=
ford a newer V8 from an A8 / S8. But you know what they say, there's no rep=
lacement for displacement.. so *shrug* i dunno just trying to gather inform=
ation at this point. The car is an automatic and i plan on keeping it that =
way just because im not out to be dashing the mountains in it, thats what m=
y future audi project will be for, this is more my around the town car with=
 a nice stereo in it and for some long trips. Thanks for the information! G=
reatly appreciated.

Temporary: 90 AT V8Q
86 4kCS Q

.=2E. you look like you should join the V8 list!  What are you looking to do
.=2E. put a V8 in your 4000?  ;-)  Unfortunately the ABH is a bit more than=
bored out PT ... different cylinder spacing and such but other than that
they are somewhat compatible.  Living here in California you need to put
some thought to what the smog pros are going to say about it too.  Are you
thinking about dropping a 4.2 in place of an automatic in a 3.6?  If so, I
think I'd recommend that you swap the transmission as well ... and perhaps
even the rear diff ... Audi put a more stout dear diff in the newer V8s.
Once again, if you're talking about a car with an automatic, you might
seriously think about just going out and getting a '92-on V8.  If you happen
to have a 5-speed it would be a different story ... the 5-speeds have the
same rear diff as the 4.2 automatics ... and as a matter of fact I'm trying
to put a plan together for dropping a 4.2 into one of my '91 5-speeds ...Ge=
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